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Colonial Foam Co
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Exceptional Foam Solutions for Higher-Quality Cushions

Custom Foam in Buffalo, New York

When it comes to your comfort, Colonial Foam believes you deserve the best. Located in Buffalo, New York, we provide custom high density foam, custom cut to the exact size you desire. Usually while you wait.

We deal with retail and wholesale customers. We handle orders of every size. Our foam is American made. The foam is delivered directly from the manufacturer to us.

We have been in business for over 30 years. We do our best to keep our customers happy.

Our foam is used in anything from couch and chair cushions to camper and boat cushions. We handle orders of every size.
Cushions - custom foam in Buffalo, NY

About Our Business

We are a privately-owned-and-operated company that takes pride in the quality of products we provide for our customers. Our American-made foam is bought directly from the manufacturer, and everything we do is customized for your satisfaction.

Contact us today, in Buffalo, New York, for more information about our inventory of supplies, or if you have any questions about our custom foam services.